About us
About us

Fisher Management Consultants, Inc. is an executive recruitment firm with offices in Palm Desert, CA and Philadelphia, PA. We have performed global personnel search and recruitment services in the construction and real estate industry since 1980.

We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to recognize talented construction and real estate people with superior track records that prove our candidates are prepared to help your organization achieve your goals. We assist you on all levels of your organization. Our candidates span the complete range of positions in the construction and real estate industry, from board directors to two-year engineers.

We also cover all disciplines. You can obtain candidates from us to fulfill your requirements in the range of construction and real estate projects:

          1.  Commercial                                             2.  Industrial
          3.  Heavy Civil                                              4.  Residential
          5.  Road, Dam, Tunnel and Bridge            6.  Development

In short, if it’s construction or real estate, we do it!

Fisher Management is flexible and works under terms that are comfortable for your company. You can have the benefits of our services through a contingency arrangement where you pay nothing until one of our candidates and your company have achieved full acceptance. 

Our fee structure is based on industry standards.  Once we form a relationship there are various ways we can formulate a plan that works for your organization. 

Fisher Management also provides replacement guarantees.  If, after a placement our candidate resigns, or is terminated with due cause within 90 days of the hiring date, we will provide a replacement candidate at no charge or cost to the client.  The Replacement Guarantee does not include those employees that have been laid off, or for positions that have been eliminated or changed.
FMC subscribes to Equal Employment Opportunity practices of the Federal and State Government.  Qualified candidates will be referred without regard to race, color, national origin, age, medical condition or other prohibited pre-employment criteria.  

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